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Download All Things Julius Caesar: An Encyclopedia of Caesar's World by Michael Lovano PDF

By Michael Lovano

Julius Caesar's lifestyles and instance have involved and inspired generations of individuals for almost 2,000 years. This e-book explores the folks, areas, occasions, and associations that helped outline arguably the main recognized person within the historical past of Rome.

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Senatorial rivals allege a conspiracy against the state, implicating Crassus and Caesar, among others. 64 BCE Caesar is appointed judge for the standing court on murder. Pompey brings Syria into the empire as a province, ending the Seleucid Kingdom. 63 BCE Caesar prosecutes C. Rabirius for murder and treason but fails to secure a conviction. Caesar wins election as Pontifex Maximus. He moves his family from their home in the Subura to the official residence, the Domus Publica in the Forum Romanum.

Caesar begins to involve himself in the Civil War between the king and his sister, Cleopatra VII, turning it into what we know as the Alexandrian War. His romantic relationship with her also begins around this time. The Egyptian siege of Caesar in Alexandria, the Alexandrian War, ends with his victory over Ptolemy’s forces on March 27. Caesar remains in Egypt for some time, until early June, having recognized Cleopatra and her youngest brother, Ptolemy XIV, as co-rulers there. She indulges Caesar’s need for rest and recreation with tours of Egyptian wonders.

Already fending off the refugees, who appealed to Caesar and his men for help and asylum, the Romans soon faced the supremely confident, massive relieving army of Gallic infantry, cavalry, and archers under the command of four powerful chiefs; Caesar, again certainly exaggerating the figures, gives their number at close to 250,000 Gauls. They encamped on a hill southwest of Alesia about a mile outside the Roman defenses and then spread out over the plain between themselves and the Roman position.

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