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By J. E. Cremona

Elliptic curves are of important and transforming into value in computational quantity thought, with a variety of functions in such components as cryptography, primality trying out and factorisation. This publication, now in its moment version, provides an intensive therapy of many algorithms in regards to the mathematics of elliptic curves, with feedback on machine implementation. it really is in 3 elements. First, the writer describes intimately the development of modular elliptic curves, giving an particular set of rules for his or her computation utilizing modular symbols. Secondly a suite of algorithms for the mathematics of elliptic curves is gifted; a few of these haven't seemed in e-book shape sooner than. They contain: discovering torsion and non-torsion issues, computing heights, discovering isogenies and sessions, and computing the rank. eventually, an in depth set of tables is equipped giving the result of the author's implementation of the algorithms. those tables expand the commonly used 'Antwerp IV tables' in methods: the diversity of conductors (up to 1000), and the extent of aspect given for every curve. particularly, the amounts in terms of the Birch Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture were computed in each one case and are integrated. All researchers and graduate scholars of quantity idea will locate this ebook beneficial, really these attracted to the computational aspect of the topic. That point will make it charm additionally to laptop scientists and coding theorists.

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J=1 Write M ≺ M if M and M are in the same τ -orbit in S, and M precedes M in the fixed ordering determined by choosing a base-point for each orbit. In the notation above, M ≺ M if and only if M = Mi and M = Mj where 1 ≤ i < j ≤ k. We can now state the main results of this section. 4. Let f be a cusp form of weight 2 for G with associated period function Pf : G → C. Then (the square of ) the Petersson norm of f is given by ||f ||2 = 1 8π 2 Im(Pf (t(M ))Pf (t(M ))). M ≺M 50 II. MODULAR SYMBOL ALGORITHMS Here the sum is over all ordered pairs M ≺ M in S which are in the same orbit of the permutation τ of S induced by right multiplication by T .

The result would be that we would have computed exactly all the data we need in a shorter time than would be required for computing H(N ), except for the type of the lattice. Then the only ambiguity is that we would not know the type, and would have to try both types to see which results in a curve with integral coefficients. If both types succeeded (as does happen), we would only know the curve Ef up to a 2-isogeny. 12 Computing periods III: Evaluation of the sums The results of the previous two sections express the periods of a rational newform f (z) = a(n, f ) exp(2πinz), and the value L(f, 1), in terms of various infinite series, each of the form a(n, f )c(n).

Using a recent improvement (see [18]), this method can now be made to converge as well as the indirect method described later. 2). ) β We denote by If (α, β) the integral If (α, β) = α 2πif (z)dz, and set If (α) = If (α, ∞). Let M ∈ Γ0 (N ); since f is holomorphic, the period integral If (α, M (α)) is independent of the basepoint α, and can be expressed as If (α) − If (M (α)). We will denote this period of f by Pf (M ). Note that any cycle γ ∈ H(N ) can be expressed as {α, M (α)} for a suitable matrix M ∈ Γ0 (N ), and then γ, f = Pf (M ).

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