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Download Action minimizing orbits in the n-body problem with simple by Barutello V., Terracini S. PDF

By Barutello V., Terracini S.

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Information technology in the early 1970s, as discussed in the previous section, mainly consisted of applications for accounting and administration, their capabilities restricted to the processing of large amounts of transactions and the production of summary reports. The partial failure of management information systems indicated that even the essential objective of attaining timely and versatile access to information was not within easy reach. On the other hand, although mathematical models were made more flexible by resort to innovative user interaction techniques, they were still mostly based on regulatory methods, suitable for operational decisions characterized by unique objectives rather than tactical and strategic decisions, usually less structured.

Effectiveness. Decision support systems should help knowledge workers to reach more effective decisions. In this respect they are a fundamental component of business intelligence architectures. Note that this does not necessarily imply an increased efficiency in the decision-making process. In fact, the adoption of a DSS may entail a more accurate analysis and therefore require a greater time investment by decision makers. However, the greater effort required will usually result in better decisions.

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