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Download 150 Puzzles in Crypt-Arithmetic by Maxey Brooke PDF

By Maxey Brooke

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TALKTALKTALK ... BABA = (AB)2 AAAA = (CC)2 This problem is to the base 7. 128. BABA BAB)AAABAA AAA BBAB ABAA ABAA AAB AABA AABA o The digits 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9 are divided into two groups, A and B. 129. AxBxC xA x B x x xA x B x x xA x xxxxA xxxxAxBxC What multiplication will result in the above partial and general products? PUZZLES 130. Recreational Mathematics Magazine says the different species will mix: + BEAVER TIGER RABBIT 131. xxxx xxxx xxxxx xA x x xxBxx xxxx xxxxxCx A, B, and C are the only even numbers in the problem.

137. What is this square to the base l2? CDEF CDE F G * *C F G * * *H * * * *L * * * * * 43 PUZZLES 138. xxxx xxxx)xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx)xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 0 xxxxx xxxxx 0 The dividend is the product of the two different prime numbers which are the divisors. There are two possible solutions. 139. ABCDE + FGHKL EDCBA Both 0 and I are contained in FGHKL, and A is greater than G. 140. • B ••• ••••• AB ••• F B •••• H C •••• I D •••• K E •••• L •••••••••• All ten digits will be found in the multiplier and the multiplicand.

START START TH IS START ARIGHT 149. DID) JUDGE (IT x x x x IDLE IDLE PUZZLES 47 150. TIE IT SAVE SPAR STEVE 151. PENITENT - SPINSTER REPINED 152. WAS) MA SK ED (W AS xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Axxx SPY 153. Here is a new form of cryptarithm. Each digit can be represented by two letters, but each letter represents only one digit. VDOUBLE(SIR X H I ILET PU B HYR IGALE GALE 48 PUZZLES 154. This problem started life as a pictorial cryptarithm, but ended up like this: BE)ABLE (MAN MN LL AT HE HE 155. YOU P a a a a a a a THaNK 156.

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